Chat App Solution

Chat applications are it web-based or mobile gives users an easy and convenient way to get in touch with friends, family, clients, employees, customers, the list goes on. Due to its potential, there has been a massive growth in usage of messaging apps and has surpassed the usage of social media.

Text chat

Send text messages and emojis

Custom emoji module

Besides traditional emojis, customized emojis can be integrated too, enhancing the user experience

Auto-translation of texts (Microsoft API)

Texts in different languages can be auto-translated to the default language set in the profile

Audio calling

The software provides clear voice calling over the internet through the app

Video calling

Lag free video calling over the internet through the app

Conferencing or Group call and chat

Besides one to one, group call or conferencing (text, audio, video) can be done

Call and chat simultaneously

Send text chats or share files while on audio or video call

File sharing

Share files with others either one to one or in a group

Muting audio and video

Mute audio and/or video of self or remote


Notifications on new chat, incoming call, missed call, other party busy

Easy to integrate

The solution is designed to be easily integrated into any existing website or app, irrespective of the architecture of the existing system

Secured internal communications

The system can also be deployed by enterprises as a standalone chat/messaging system for internal communications

User-Friendly Admin

Admin portal for viewing chat history (if required), managing ban, reported users etc., viewing reports and various statistics.


  • Step 1 Send us your business requirements
  • Step 2 We will analyze your requirement and get back to you with the cost and timeline of implementation
  • Step 3 Once the project is confirmed, we will start working on customizing our solution to meet your requirements
  • Step 4 You test application and confirm and we are ready for deployment
  • Step 5 We sign off the project and your Life Time Support starts!

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