Fitness App Solution

Fitness apps lets instructors reach their clients over apps and instruct them, set regimes or routines and target, track progress and provide various tips. Additionally, with social media implemented in it, users can post their activities and achievements.

Easy user registration and login

Registered and logged in users get personalized tips and routines. Users can register using their email or phone number or can log in through Social media

Set routines or regimes

The instructor can set routines or regimes for each user individually


Trainers can upload video instructions

Guest browsing

Guest users can view generalized tips and routines and use various tools (like BMI calculator)

Profiles and settings

Users can manage profile details and change password

Date view or challenges view

Routines and progress can be viewed for each date or challenge/goal wise

Update progresses

Users can update their progress easily

Track users and progress

Users can view their progress and achievements. Instructors can view the progress of each user individually

Real-time video instructions

Instructors can instruct or guide users over real-time video streaming. Can be instructed individually or in group

Step counter

With inbuilt step counter, daily steps walked can be tracked and viewed on graphs

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index is a quick indicator of health condition

Calorie information and history

Users can input the calories taken and burnt each day and can view net calories gained or lost over a period

Provide tips

Instructors can provide tips to each user individually or to all in general through daily messages or notifications” -under subcription module please update to “With the subscription module, the instructor can set the subscription amount from the admin portal that users need to pay to use the app

Subscription module

With the subscription module, instructor can set the subscription amount from the admin portal that users need to pay to use the app

Post a query

Users can write to the instructor asking for specific help or questions. The instructor can view the queries from the admin portal and reply


Notifications on posting of new tips or routines by the instructor. Other messages (like workshop announcement) can also be sent through push notification, SMS and/or email

Alarms and reminders

Option for users to set multiple reminders


Users can save photos or videos of their workout in the gallery and can share the same on social media

Data secured on the cloud

All data is stored securely on the cloud so that with loss or formatting of the phone the data is not lost

User-Friendly Admin

Easy and intuitive admin panel for managing and viewing registered users, set routines for users, provide tips, manage subscription packages, view and reply to user queries.


  • Step 1 Send us your business requirements
  • Step 2 We will analyze your requirement and get back to you with the cost and timeline of implementation
  • Step 3 Once the project is confirmed, we will start working on customizing our solution to meet your requirements
  • Step 4 You test application and confirm and we are ready for deployment
  • Step 5 We sign off the project and your Life Time Support starts!

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