Travel and Hospitality Booking Engine Solution

With this booking engine solution, travel and hospitality businesses can give their customers the advantage of planning and booking their tours and travels through a website or app. This is a complete solution for any new or existing travel and hospitality agency or business.

Compare prices and rates

Displays and compares fares or rates from multiple providers or operators for a given destination including low-cost operators

Real-time update of rates

Rates and fares are updated in real-time through industry standard APIs (e.g Travelport, Sabre, Amadeus, Expedia, MakeMyTrip, etc)

Various providers integrated

The system can fetch data from multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) or travel API providers across the world and present the result in an aggregated format for ease of customers

Online booking and reservations

Reservations and bookings can be done through app or website


Search for available hotels, trains, buses, airlines among operators across the world

Route Planning

Both custom and autoroute planning. Plans can be saved and edited

Custom tour packages

Creation of custom packages as per customer’s requirements

Reports and analytics

Various reports and analytics available to monitor and get insights

Online payments

Payments for bookings can be made through the app or website

User-Friendly Admin

Easy to use and intuitive admin panel for managing the business and also the apps and . Various reports and insights also available.


  • Step 1 Send us your business requirements
  • Step 2 We will analyze your requirement and get back to you with the cost and timeline of implementation
  • Step 3 Once the project is confirmed, we will start working on customizing our solution to meet your requirements
  • Step 4 You test application and confirm and we are ready for deployment
  • Step 5 We sign off the project and your Life Time Support starts!

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