On-demand Service Delivery Solution

With on-demand service delivery or service provider aggregation apps people can find different service providers near them instantly and likewise, service providers can get jobs easily through the app. It is a platform that connects various service providers with customers. It is fast, easy and saves time and overheads for both the customers and service providers.

Find nearby providers

Using GPS data and smart algorithms the system finds all nearby providers of service being searched for by a customer

Mention job details

Customers can mention details like availability, pricing, description, etc. while finding a provider

Accept or Decline jobs

Providers can either accept or decline a job as per their convenience

Choose a suitable provider

Customers select whom to award the work from the list of providers who showed interest in doing the job

Real-time Navigation and tracking

Providers can use the real-time navigation facility to navigate customerʼs place over the fastest route. Customers can track the current location of the providers

In-app communication

Providers and customers can chat, talk or message among themselves through the app without revealing their phone numbers

Support and Feedback

In-app support and feedback for both customer and providers

Subscription module

Subscription module can be customized to make subscription free for all or paid for all or paid for either customer or provider


Push notifications to both customers and providers on posting of new jobs, accepting of jobs, finishing of jobs and various other activities

Rate and review

Both providers and customers can rate and review each other after a job is finished

Update job status

Providers can update the job status like - in progress or finished

User-Friendly Admin

Easy and intuitive admin panel for managing and viewing registered customers, providers, jobs and other related details.


  • Step 1 Send us your business requirements
  • Step 2 We will analyze your requirement and get back to you with the cost and timeline of implementation
  • Step 3 Once the project is confirmed, we will start working on customizing our solution to meet your requirements
  • Step 4 You test application and confirm and we are ready for deployment
  • Step 5 We sign off the project and your Life Time Support starts!

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